What Do You Look For In A Music Scene?

“We want a scene where the music is free and the beer is not the life of the party…” screams Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace on song “Reinventing Axl Rose.”

It’s a punk cry to what is important in its respective music scene: honesty, emotion, and DIY ethics. It provides one answer of many possibilities to the question of what people look for in a local music scene.

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Concert Review: Avett Brothers at Chicago Theater

Source: Chicago Tribune
The Avett Brothers recently finished a sold out, three night stay at the Chicago Theatre. Each day the crowd got their photos of the marquee and grabbed their drinks before the room fell silent and stood at attention as brothers Scott and Seth, bass player Bob Crawford, cellist Joe Kwon and the backing band took the stage.

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Welcome to the Ven.u Blog

Welcome to our new website! We have some cool improvements planned and the one we are most excited for is the blog you are reading now. This will be the home of news, concert reviews, interviews and other stories about the Chicago music scene. We’ll be active on social media as usual but this will be the home of content that doesn’t fit neatly into a tweet or status update. We’re looking forward to having some cool content here and we hope you enjoy it!

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